Dynamic IP Address

Hello. Im new in this blog. Questions are: Im hosting my own website and email server in my office since I have a static IP address from my ISP, but I would like to know how can I continue hosting my website and email server with a Dynamic IP address instead? I have a CF Pro account and since my ISP is trying to charge double price now that I have to renew my internet service with them which is ridiculous crazy. I will end up getting home internet service instead!

Please, let me know if this is possible? And how to accomplish these 2 tasks? Maybe using my feature in my pfsense router?

Im have the same issue. I was using a static IP from my ISP, but the price almost double on my internet service so I had to cancel. Now I have a home service internet with Dynamic IP and Im trying to get my website back online again. As router I have pfsense and I noticed there is a future for Dynamic dns with Cloudflare. How can I host my website with and Dynamic IP, Cloudflare and Pfsense Dynamic service?

Mail servers out there will generally refuse connections when they originate from dynamic IP addresses, or otherwise where the reverse DNS (PTR) record has no relation to your own organisation’s domain (e.g. when it is below your ISP’s “shared” domain, just like all IP addresses of their other customers).

Having Reverse DNS (PTR) records like e.g.

  • 192-0-2-25.dynamic.example.com
  • 192-0-2-25.residential.example.com

WILL make your life tough, when you’re also trying to run a mail server on the given IP address.

All this dynamic IP, and residential (e.g. “home internet service”), …

I would say drop the idea of hosting your mail server there, and rent a server with a decent hosting provider instead (decent refers to one that cares about terminating bad customers (such as spammers) from their network), and run the mail server there.

If you prefer to, or even require having the storage of your mails locally, e.g. within your office, you can actually do that, but you will still need some sort of remote server, from a decent hosting provider, where you can tunnel an IP address from their IP address space, in to your own network, where you at the same time have the option to set the Reverse DNS (PTR) properly.

If the dynamic IP address is so … sad, that you cannot open any ports with it, you can at least run your website through Cloudflare Tunnels, which won’t require you open any ports, as the Tunnel will connect from your server and out to the Cloudflare network, and thereby be opening the gate that will allow the traffic to pass through between the two networks.