Dynamic IP 2FA

My ISP changes my IPv6 /64 address every time the router restarts. When that happens my cloudflare session is logged out and I have to login again. Worst part is even I am using the same browser session and I have to give the 2FA authentication again.
The remember my device checkbox does nothing. Seems like cloudflare does not use browser cookies at all.

Please make the process more user friendly, while keeping the security level same.

PS: Happy Birthday Cloudflare!

That strange. I get logged out once per month. Until a few months ago, my provider performed forced disconnects every 24 hours including IP changes. I had not to re-enter my password or 2FA code.

Do you use any addon which blocks $things?
Clearing Cloudflare related stuff from your browser’s cache (all time) could also be worth a try.