Dynamic dns

Hello I have service from cloud flare on my website and with the same I have my ads account with google . Google suspended my account saying dynamic dns and few other things I have check all in google account and website is this can be a reason having dynamic dns can make a problem

Are you hosting your website on a Dynamic IP address? I didn’t think that was a problem, nor how Google would figure that out.

Such as?

Changing ad text and camp which was not proper
so you saying dynamic dns with cloud flare may be the reason ?

I have Godaddy hosting and when I took the services from cloud flare it asked me to change the Name in godaddy
so have no idea is its dynamic dns

That sure doesn’t sound like Dynamic DNS, and Cloudflare’s DNS IP address for a site changes about every year or two. That’s not very dynamic, and happens at any host who moves a site to a different server.

Maybe some Google forums know what this is about.

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