Dynamic DNS with PFSense

I just got AT&T Fiber installed and having issues with setting DDNS on my pfSense box.

When I initially got the server setup my public IP wasn’t showing under my WAN IP. This was resolved by following this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/b1x5l6/how_to_properly_configure_the_arris_bgw210_for/

Once I got the public IP to show under the WAN interface, I tried setting up DDNS. This is where I’m having issues.

Here are my settings:
Service: Cloudflare
Interface: WAN
Hostname: @ domain.tld
Cloudflare Proxy: I tried with this box checked and unchecked. I prefer to have it checked.
Verbose logging: Unchecked
Username: My login email
Password: Global API Key
TTL: Blank

I created an A record with my TLD as I read that it needed to be added so DDNS can update it.

When I hit update, the service fails and shows in red.

I recently moved my domain completely from Google Domains to Cloudflare.

What the TLD? If it’s one of the throwaway free ones ripe for abuse, the API won’t work.

.network is the TLD

I have no knowledge on how PFSense does DDNS but I noticed a few weeks ago, when the aforementioned TLD issues started, that for me the global API key stopped working and I had to create an API token to update my DNS records through the API. Not sure if that helps for you but never hurts to try. Also are you sure the password field should be the API Key? Usually those fields are labeled accordingly and can’t just be switched around.

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Oddly enough, it just started working. Didn’t so anything, happen to login to my pfSense box to run a speed test and it’s showing updated. Weird…

I enabled the Proxy setting and verified it worked. I undid the Proxy on the Cloudflare side and had pfSense update with proxy and it did.

I tried validating the IP by using https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipWhoisLookup with my domain. However, I get an error stating ‘ipenguin.network has no A records.’. Why when obviously I do.

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