Dynamic DNS for A Record

I have a domain name, imported into Cloudflare from godaddy which I am trying to point to a self hosted website, my WAN IP is dynamic (changes everyday) so I have setup a dynamic DNS account (duckdns) and this works fine for access if i use the duckdns name outside my network.
However, I’d like to use my domain name instead, I tried to create an A Record on Cloudflare however it requires an IP address, not hostname.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Hi David!

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You can try point a CNAME record to the subdomain given by duckdns, but whether it works or not will depend on whether duckdns support this.


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And yes, if your current dynamic DNS provider doesn’t support this, you can easily use the solutions @epic.network posted to make the dynamic changes directly on Cloudflare’s DNS

Thanks for the replies, I’ve tried setting up Cloudflare dyndns using the below guide from piupmylife (sorry, can’t add url since I’m a new user)

I’ve setup the ddclient on a raspberrypi and entered the details:

I’ve also created an A Record on Cloudflare for the domain name, put in an IP of zero’s but the IP address simply does not update to my correct one.

I’m obviously missing something but no idea what.

Hmm, the A Record i created is the only one in the list, showed there is others?