Dynamic DNS Error

Hello all,

I just moved all my domains to CF and wanted to get my dynamic DNS up and running. Using various clients I’m getting errors. In Synology, I get HTTP-Error: 410 Gone. With DNS-O-Matic I get : err Unable to find record.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what. Following some instructions I found I have the following:

A record for dynamic which points to my external IP. CF Proxy is active on this.
CNAME record pointing to my domainname.com which states its an alias of dynamic.mydomain.com. CF proxy is active on this record also.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

What are the domain and subdomain?

I have most of my subdomains pointing to my home IP so I had wanted to update these. I found this guide: https://luvis.se/tipstricks/set-up-dynamic-dns-with-Cloudflare-on-synology-dsm-6

and using that I was able to get the update to give no error. But I even though it gave no errors it did not update (I changed the IP of one subdomain to something random just to see if it got updated and it didn’t. So back to square one.

Do i have to specify with CF which domains are dynamic? Not sure how to do that.

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