Dynadot error - Your domain could not be found in our forwarding or stealth forwarding tables

Hi guys,

I’ve acquired the domain www.rotas100destino.com from Dynadot and I am trying to set up a WordPress blog using Cloudflare free SSL.

But since changing the nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers I’ve been unable to access my blog.
If you visit the URL you get a “not found” page saying:

"Your domain could not be found in our forwarding or stealth forwarding tables.

If you recently set your name servers, please wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes restarting your browser helps.

If you require further assistance, please visit our main site at www.dynadot.com."

I’ve contacted Dynadot they told me the issue was from Cloudflare. I’ve contacted support but being a free account they have had other priorities in the last couple of days.

Can you help me fix this?


Found this one. Check if it helps

Problem seems to be their “Stealth forward”. I guess it means that the domain is kept in the address bar even if it forwards to wherever.


Thanks for the Reply.
The Name Servers where already set to the ones Cloudflare gave me. It’s been like that since June 2nd so I’m guessing the name servers already had time to propagate.

From my understanding. Did you check it with them? The URL itself is pointing to a server from Dynadot from what I can see

The DNS points to Cloudflare, but where is www.rotas100destino.com supposed to point (where are you setting up wordpress)? You should confirm that your www record in Cloudflare points ot that location.

I checked back with Dynadot and they have confirmed that Cloudflare DNS is pointing to their domain parking server and that’s why the message keeps being displayed.

Dynadot also refered that the DNS Records at Cloudflare need to be updated to point to the correct IP address, which Cloudflare should be able to provide.

I’ve tried the process over and over again but the IP for the DNS records continues to be the domain parking server IP.

Is this something I should do or is it something Cloudflare support should handle? I’ve requested a ticket from them but it’s been 2 days and no answer :frowning:

Cloudflare doesn’t have insight into the IP address Dynadot uses for for your web server.

The correct IP addresses should be found using these instructions:

Cloudflare cannot provide the destination IP. They are not a hosting provider. Either you have a hosting package or vps at Dynadot or you have is elsewhere.

Thanks, I’m going to contact my hosting support

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