Dymanin DNS for Cloudflare Zero Trust

I have not been able to find a topic that explains if its possible to update the Gateway IPV4 source address automatically within CloudFlareZero Trust using DDNS. Is this possible in any of the subscriptions within Zero Trust… Thanks

They have an API that enables you to programmatically change the IPv4 source address of a Gateway location, see Zero Trust Locations and Multiple IP Addresses for location - #3 by matthew5943 and the Cloudflare API Documentation about https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4 /accounts/{identifier}/gateway/locations/{uuid}.

Note that this is an HTTP PUT request, while most DDNS providers follow the DynDNS API that is an HTTP GET request.

Thanks for that info. I am just trying to force safe search on my home network and wanted to avoid setting up my own DNS server. This Is the perfect solution if I can get the IP to update but I am guessing common routers that have DDNs capability won’t support the put request. I’ll see what I can find. Happy to also use and even pay for a subscription that does this.

Hi @matthew5943 how do I locate the {identifier} and {uuid} to use in the API call. I am just trying to use the Zero Trust component of Cloudflare and can’t see these settings anywhere. I assume I actually need to host a domain first, is the correct.


You shouldn’t need the home router to do this. Any device inside your home network should be able to do this, as they all have the same public IP address your ISP assigned you.

Thanks, @sdayman is there a script or program that can be installed on one of the internal devices to do the update. I am guessing not and I have to write my own script, but I am struggling to understand how I work out what my https://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4 /accounts/{identifier}/gateway/locations/{uuid} . identifier and uuid are when I don’t own a domain and just want to use Zero Trust…

You can find the account identifier in the URL, for example in https://one.dash.cloudflare.com/3ec298940ffd3e9a1973f89dde7a3d86/gateway/locations the account ID is 3ec298940ffd3e9a1973f89dde7a3d86.

Alternatively, the https://developers.cloudflare.com/api/operations/accounts-list-accounts API will return the ID.