Dúvida com DNS CNAME Para email marketing Egoi

Hello guys.

I need help.

My email marketing service is telling me that my CNAME has not been verified.

But I follow your instructions and I don’t know how to proceed.

They request open DNS record for CNAME with following instructions:


| mkt.espacosaudesejamais.com.br | 300 | IN | CNAME | c1360133.kmitd.com |

But here in my Cloudflare DNS I just have too many fields to respond to.

CNAME: NAME and DOMAIN NAME, TTL are Automatic (I don’t know which option I have to check) and they don’t have a field to put the egoi data (c1360133.kmitd.com) .

Please could someone help me???

I appreciate…

If your domain is emagrecercomatitudeagora.com.br then create a CNAME record with NAME: mkt and Target: c1360133.kmitd.com

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