Dutch IP shown as Belgium, how to update CloudFlare IP tables

We have an ISP who
As of July 1, several people are getting the message

it concerns the following range: - .

this is probably seen as a belgian range instead of a dutch one

If we check the IP range here IP Address Detail - IP Address Location Lookup , we do see it is Dutch.

What is the process to get your IP tables updated ?

Hi @user5099,

Maxmind show this as Belgian, and I believe that is one of the main data sources Cloudflare use.

You can submit a request to change this here:


Thanks domjh

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Several other IP geolocation providers such as IP2Location are showing it as in Dutch.

I wonder why CloudFlare is seeing it as in Belgium.

Because they use MaxMind GeoIP2 database. GeoIP lookups are not always accurate.

@user5099, are you absolutely sure this is not a Belgian address?

Traceroutes to that address do not complete, so it’s difficult to tell where it eventually went, but they all went through Belgium and while I could imagine certain routes to go through Belgium, it would surprise me if everything did.

Maybe because the IP traceroute ends up in Belgium MaxMind thinks it is in Belgium.

I have requested the ISP to contact MaxMind, maybe the ISP can also make some technical changes so MaxMind can recognize the IP as Dutch.

Thanks for everybody’s input

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