During transferring domain, I can't use the domain to connect to my site is it norm

As I mentioned on title I’m in processing transfer and it has been day 2 so far apparently my site that supposed to work with my domain isn’t working at all. Before when domain transferring happened from google domain to sqaurespace I didn’t experience such as down or timed out issue on my domain I could connect my website freely. And now I’m trying to move from sqaurespace to cloudflare this happened so I like to make it sure this is normal and it will work fine after all the transferring done. I’ve done all the steps and just need to wait up to 5 days but unable to use my website up to 5 days could be impact to my business so I want to know what’s happening.

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When done correctly there should be no downtime. That said, there are plenty of things one could do that would cause downtime. It is best to fully prepare and have a thorough understanding of what happens when you change a domain’s nameservers.

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I’m using google sites service so there were DNS setting that I need to manually to use my domain to site when I was setting up I believe it was transiting from google domain to Squarespace and it worked fine without any downtime like now but I found Cloudflare has better deal on domain hosting so I’m transferring from Squarespace to Cloudflare which is still processing but my domain is down do I have to find out some error code what cause this downtime?

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That last screenshot was rather important since it indicates that your DNS is not down and it requires very different steps to solve than some missing DNS would. See the relevant troubleshooting guide for more information:

You should probably start by pausing Cloudflare or at least switch the affected names to :grey: DNS Only while you resolve the SSL issues on your origin. Once your site is loading directly from your origin over HTTPS, you can then re-enable the :orange: proxy.


Hmph with the information I’ve got an Origin CA certificates but not sure how can I add it to origin server at my end. So basically down time shouldn’t be happening while transferring domain host right? and I need to find out what I need to type or change setting to work domain again while transferring? Or just wait ill transferring is done while down time will be gone itself?

You would need to ask your host or check their documentation to see how you install a certificate.

As long as you do it right, but there is plenty of opportunity to skip a step or do something out of order and cause a disruption.

Absolutely. It is always best to have a well drafted plan.

I don’t understand what you mean there, but the important part is to know what each change you are making will do and have your plan prepared in advance.

If you are using Google Sites, Google handles the certificates and you will not be able to use an Origin CA certificate. It is possible that proxying the site will affect certificate renewal without making accommodation for ACME HTTP-01 challenges. My previous suggestion of pausing Cloudflare should help you clear that up.

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