During initial setup, site went down after switching name servers for an hour (had to switch back to get site back up)

I just got a pro account and changed the nameservers to the one’s from Cloudflare and my site went down and stayed down for an hour until I eventually had to switch the nameservers back to the original ones.

I am unsure what else I can do to ensure a smooth transition.

What does “down” mean? What error did you see?

Generally, you need to ensure that you have have copied all the DNS entries to Cloudflare and disabled DNSSEC before you change the nameservers.

You should also change the SSL setting in Cloudflare to Full (strict).

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The whole site had a “This site can’t be reached” error with a dns_probe_finished_nxdomain code.

Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure how to disable DNSSEC via Directnic my server host.