Durable Objects

Hi, I have couple of questions about Durable Objects (Persistent Objects OR Live/Living Objects would have been another good naming option, anyway…) 1) Is there a limit on the size? I know KV has 10 MB or 2 MB max size. 2) Is there a cost to keep it in memory always, by using it often, or just the read/updates/storage define the cost? I am asking because say if the Durable Object is not used say for sometime, it will may page-out (for lack of better word) to storage, and ready to comeback to memory when we read or update on demand. See there is difference, if I update my object say every minute, and read/update it say 1500 times spread evenly during the entire day, good changes are that it stays in the memory the whole day. Or I may read/update it 1500 times in say 5-10 minutes (say nightly job) and not look at it for next 24 hours, good chances are that it will page-out to storage. Using the cost per read/write, I will pay the same amount - is that right that it is same cost both ways?