Durable Objects Subrequests


I’m hitting the Error: too many subrequests, using durable objects.

Here’s the rough flow:

  1. request → worker → durable object A
  2. request → durable object B
  3. api request
  4. request → durable object B
  5. if (fail to meet criteria) repeat 3,4 (this happens maybe 5 times then the error happens)

Shouldn’t I have 50 subrequests? Seems like I’m getting the error at about 12-15 only…

Can you count how many storage operations you’re doing as well? I wouldn’t expect it, but maybe there’s a bug where those count.

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@Judge thanks for getting back to me.

I figured this out yesterday that it was some pesky code in a library I was using that was doing it’s own retries with exponential backoff.

Things seem to be fine now. I LOVE THESE THINGS!

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