Durable Objects Pricing per Request (includes DO-DO requests?)

Are we charged $0.15/mm USD, when a durable object calls another durable object?

e.g. Worker Bundled → DO1 → DO2 (no storage ops) = $0.5 + $0.15 + $0.15 / mm (+ DO GB/s)?

I’m assuming the answer is yes, but the pricing isn’t published yet and this article is dated and a bit ambiguous on some of these finer details:

You won’t be charged while Durable Objects are still in beta, but that’s how I’ve interpreted the pricing as well.

Indeed. Pricing is still subject to change, but I doubt it’ll be more expensive than what’s in the article. Because that would just make “we want to share pricing so you can build your applications with confidence” pretty pointless.

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Wondering if @Judge @gmckeon could weigh in here?

I agree @albert that it will charge, DO → DO is perfectly reasonable for pricing, it’s all fetch requests internally anyways so it makes sense.

What’s cool is you can make 1000 DO → DO calls.

Personally, I think the limit should be something like 1050. You might do a couple of config calls to arbitrary DOs, and then you need to put or get from 1000 DOs (e.g. your API has a limit of 1000).

@gmckeon :point_up: thoughts?

Yep, you’ll be charged for DO → DO calls. The limit is a bit arbitrary - we could raise it higher eventually.


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