Durable Object Migrations not supported within Pages?


According to this page Configuration · Cloudflare Pages docs you can:

Configure Durable Object namespace bindings via your wrangler.toml file the same way they are configured with Cloudflare Workers.

However, adding migrations to the toml file I get:

✘ [ERROR] Running configuration file validation for Pages:|

  • Configuration file for Pages projects does not support migrations|

removing the migrations I get:

  • In wrangler.toml, you have configured [durable_objects] exported by this Worker (Notifier), but no [migrations] for them. This may not work as expected until you add a [migrations] section to your wrangler.toml.

Is there a way to use migrations with pages or will we be forced to host a separate pages and worker project or serve our static files with worker sites (built on the KV store)?


Update: I migrated the project to workers. Pages just seems too unstable a the moment. If someone can answer this question, that would be great for future consideration.

Screen Shot 2024-04-11 at 1.30.01 AM
By the way, the pages project deployment has been in progress for the last day!