Durable Object Limits

I’m planning to make an application for a large gathering of people (1000-1500) and was wondering if using durable objects would be able to handle the load.

In very simple terms the application is crowd quiz with near real time interactivity. I was thinking of using websockets and a durable object for this. There will be multiple rounds of questions and multiple choice answers people will vote on. Total score is based on both correct answers but also the time the participant answered. The top scores will show on the venue screens and a winner code will show on the top 10 participant’s devices, which they can show to staff and receive their prize.

The main concern I have is that if I do this with a durable object, will it be completely crushed under the pressure? Anyone got any idea what the limits are?


I had a quick look and it seems an individual object supports ~100req/s:

Limits · Cloudflare Workers docs.

(If the link doesn’t take you there, the Durable Objects part is at the very bottom of that page)

Thanks. It seems I missed that part when looking at the limits. Seems I’ll need to use something else.

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