Durable Object handling transient issues


I recently came across this issue on my Durable Object:

Cannot resolve Durable Object due to transient issue on remote node.

The lead me to the following documentation on Cloudflare Workers:

However, there is a cost: due to random network disruptions or other transient issues, a stub may become disconnected from its remote Object. Once a stub is disconnected, it is permanently broken, and all in-flight calls and future calls will fail with exceptions. To make new requests to the Durable Object, you must call OBJECT_NAMESPACE.get(id) again to get a new stub, keeping in mind that there are no ordering guarantees between requests to the new stub versus the old one. If ordering is not a concern, you can create a new stub for every request.

I was wondering how exactly these kinds of issues could be handled with a code example. The documentation tells us that you must call OBJECT_NAMESPACE.get(id) again to get a new stub in order to handle disruptions or transient issues. If I’m writing the Worker with a handle fetch method like this:

export default {
  async fetch(request, env) {
    let id = env.EXAMPLE_CLASS.idFromName(new URL(request.url).pathname);
    let stub = env.EXAMPLE_CLASS.get(id);

    let response = await stub.fetch(request);
    return response;

(example taken from Cloudflare Documentation)

Then does this mean that if a client experiences this issue, it’s enough to just make the same network call again? In what case would you not be handling transient issues?