Durable Object Duplicates

I know that durable-object has several duplicates, but I want to know how many of them? And if I create an object in HongKong, where would the duplicates placed at? All around HongKong or globally distributed?

As I know, durable object have several duplicates, but I don’t know are duplicates consistent to each other? and How to achieve it?

The persistent storage of a Durable Object is backed up to multiple locations. That way it can be spun up somewhere else if the data center it lives in suddenly goes offline, for whatever reason. A Durable Object only lives in a single location at any time though - that’s how it achieves consistency.

I did not make it clear.
Because Durable Object return success to client before it is successfully backed up to other locations. Then there may appear inconsistency if the object suddenly goes offline.

Durable Objects make sure all write operations have succeed before the response is returned to the client. You can read more about it here:

I have a question about CF durable-object.
It says it has redundant duplicates, but does it ensure strong consistency between duplicates? I mean, before return success to client, has it already copied updated data to every duplicates? Or it just ensure eventual consistency with duplicates. And in some emergent issues like earthquake, it can not ensure updated data are copied to duplicates.
By the way, I want to know how many copies does durable-object has.

I already answered this but maybe my explanation was unclear?