Duplicated site shows old version


We’ve created a new staging for our live site and its showing an older version on the home page (with an old menu, style and everything)

The problem seems to be only on the home page. We talked to siteground support and they told that if they bypass cloudflare, the staging works with the new version.

I’ve tried cleaning all caches, and everything but it still shows the old version.

Any idea of what is causing this?

Does your server IP end in 140?

This would be the design I get from the server for the staging host.

Yes, it should be the same as live site

The staging site via Cloudflare looks the same as on the screenshot above.

yes, thats the problem. It should look like the live site (its an exact copy)

Thats an issue on your server then. You will need to fix that in your server configuration.

Its not from the server, if they bypass cloudflare the staging site its ok

That statement contradicts the screenshot above, which is straight off of your server.

Its pointed to the server through cloudflare with a Type A record

The record type doesnt matter. The screenshot above is right off of your server. You need to fix that on your server if it is not correct.

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