Duplicate status header

Hello All!

First of all, this is my first post so I honestly got no idea how this works, or of I’m posting correctly :expressionless: Sorry if I am not!

My problem is that Cloudflare is sending Status header twice. The cause of this: I don’t know, though I have a hypothesis.

Live Example

Live example: l e c h r . c o m (remove spaces, doing this for privacy reasons)

Hypothesis: First of all, my web server is sending the status header. With that said, I believe Cloudflare is sending the Status header too. But rather than replacing my status header, it is simply adding another status header. I know this isn’t my application causing this, as I have debugged it on the live version (editing hosts file to directly connect), and also on my development site. So I am going to rule out this being caused by a bug in my code.

Live example. Cannot provide a development one due to new member restrictions (had my account since like 2016-2017, but oh-well)


Strictly speaking that should not be the status header but only a header called “status”. Cloudflare does not add such a header AFAIK though, so my assumption would be it comes straight from your server but if you say it does not it would require more debugging.

By restriction you probably mean posting links, simply post the URL with spaces instead of dots or change it in another way to not be recognised as URL.

I just checked on another web server of mine, it has no rules to set a Status header. I connect directly to it’s IP address, and the response headers do not contain the Status header. When I connect to the web server proxied through Cloudflare, the response headers contain the Status header. So Cloudflare does set header, atleast on my site configuration (which doesnt have any custom rules, page rewrites, or anything that I imagine modifies headers).

And your strictly speaking, that would be wrong. The first line of the response is called the Status-Line, as described in the HTTP 1.1 specification. But I could be wrong.

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