Duplicate NS for recently transferred domain

The domain (newprospectmyanmar.com) is recently transferred to Name.com to CloudFlare. If you check the NS, you will find both Name’s NS and CloudFlare’s NS which in result, the website down since Name.com’s NS is overriding the CloudFlare’s NS. How is it possible and how could I fix this?

Please check the NS here Whois newprospectmyanmar.com

You only had Cloudflare’s name servers set when you initiated the transfer, right? I believe this happens if Name.com resets your name servers back to their own as part of the transfer.

Unfortunately this isn’t something you can fix yourself. You’ll have to create a ticket by sending an email to support AT cloudflare DOT com explaining the issue. It’ll close automatically if you’re on the free plan - just send the ticket # here and I’ll have it reopened :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your reply. The issue is fixed now. I am sure it was not the cache that get clear over a period of time because I have waited about 48 hours after the transfer before asking for help here. Thank you!

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