Duplicate Domain Conflicts

Our domain www.deafnepal.org.np was added to cloudflare previously another developer. At that time he was responsible for Website development. However due various reasons our contract ended and that cloudflare account with our domain name is not currently accessible to us.

Now we have developed a full new site and we want to add it again to cloudflare. However, whenever we change our nameservers, it points to the old site. May be its because of domain conflict and our old cloudflare with our domain might be still active. So in this case how can we proceed. Is there any way to disable the other account with our domain.

Please help.

Hi @ndfnwebsite,

Can you check in the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard to see if the resort’s match those of the host for your new website? There shouldn’t be an issue with an old account pointing to the old site, as long as you have changed the nameservers to the ones on your account and have set the DNS records correctly.

The problem is,

Even though the nameservers of domain are pointing to the given cloudflare addresses, (I checked using mxtoolbox), but the domain in cloudflare was not active. It only said nameservers changing pending.

The nameservers currently point to thulo.com, not Cloudflare. You will need to change these at your domain registrar to point to the two in your Cloudflare dashboard.

I changed that to thulo.com because as soon as I change it to that provided by cloudflare, it automatically points to old site which we don’t have access to.

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