Duplicate content


i have website https://www.forexsrovnavac.cz/ on clouflare,

then I found out that my site was duplicating at another IP address on my hosting provider

so i have now duplicate website on google!

they tell me that is normaln, i have domain IP on cloudflare

help pls

You’ll have to contact the hosting provider. They need to properly configure their server to not show your site when someone types in the IP address.

I contact them they said its normal, wedos.com, rly worst hosting on the planet

Well, I wouldnt call that “worst hosting”, to a certain extent it is normal. Your plan even seems to have a dedicated IP address, which is something people usually pay for, used to at least.

If you dont want that simply contact them and explain your issue.

Yes i have dedicated IP i pay for it before i get web on cloudflare, so this is the problem?

I contact them, but they said me that is normal and left chat support!

You really need to clarify this with your host. The topic is quite out of the scope of this forum.

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