Duplicate CNAME record error for GooglSites

I am trying to add a CNAME record to point my domain name to my site hosted by Googlesites. I need to add a CNMAE record ghs.googlehosted.com but I get error duplicate record exists. I had another domain hosted on googlesites with the same CNAME record. I have removed the record for this site but am still getting the duplicate record error.

You should check all your DNS records for the zone to make sure that something else doesn’t match the record.

There are no other CNAME records for that domain

The error you’re seeing means that you are trying to add a CNAME for something that already has an entry in your DNS.

I wasn’t sure, so I tried it, and this error is thrown when you try to add a CNAME for something that already exists. A CNAME record has to be for something that doesn’t otherwise exist, because it’s an alias. It’s saying, treat this name as this other name. There can’t be any other records for that name.

If you can post a screenshot of your DNS settings we may be able to help with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

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ghs.googlehosted.com is a generic zone that all sites hosted on Google Sites use. I have successfully used the CNAME entry on another domain to set up the redirect. I’ve attached the Google sites instruction as well as my current DNS entries (new reply as I cant embedd 2 pictues in one reply). When I try and add the Google Sites CNAME entry I get a 81053 error

You need to delete the existing www record in your screenshot to replace it with a CNAME pointing to google.

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I will try that but I have the same setup with another domain hosted by Google and it has both www records and works fine

I removed the A record and was able to add the CNAME record but the website still wont resolve. Browser report too many redirects.

Update: I changed the proxied entry to DNS Only and the site is now resolving. Thanks for your help.

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