Duplicate cache pages on URL change with Cloudflare APO

With Cloudflare APO, Whenever I change the URL (permalink) of the posts, the post keep showing with new as well as old URL. The old URLs are not purged and redirection does not happen to new URLs.
I had updated below post to the new URL, but Cloudflare APO still serves both URL. Now, the article is available on New as Well as old URL. This issues happens whenever i change URL of the post. So, if I change URL of a post 10 times, it will be in CF cache for 10 different URLs making duplicate content.


I have also tested using gtmetrix, below are the report
Old URL Report
New URL Report

It redirects to the new one for me. Clear your browser cache. OR try in an incognito window.

Thanks for Reply @sarang.sss29, actually I manually cleared the cache. Now, you can check it is serving two pages but when you turn “disable cache” in browser Old URL will redirect to New URL.

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