Duplicate Accounts under My Profile

I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to post this, but I can’t seem to speak to a live person. This may be a bit abstract to explain to someone who doesn’t have the ability to look at my account.

When I log into Cloudflare, under “My Profile,” there are two accounts showing, and though the name has been changed, this is how they appear:

“smith_john @ email. com”
“Smith_john @ email. com’s Account”

We have a crazy amount of domains registered w/GoDaddy, and I was going to start transferring them to Cloudflare, but I’m a bit unsure as to which account is the correct place to put them. For fhe most part, everything looks identical between them, but I did find one difference under “Manage Account > Members.”

Our server is over at Liquid Web, and Liquid Web has some sort of affiliation w/Cloudflare. I’m thinking that perhaps that means one of these would go away if my server went elsewhere, perhaps?

Under “[email protected]” the members include some Liquid Web members and show as:
cloudflare-api @ liquidweb. com Super Administrator - All Privileges
smith_john @ mail. com Administrator, Billing
cf-product-admin @ liquidweb. com Administrator Read Only

However, under “Smith_John’s Account,” the only member is me:
smith_john @ mail.c om Super Administrator - All Privileges

So here is my concern. It would seem ike the second one, which only contains me as the Super Administrator is the right place to transfer my domains, but if I do, will they have access to the tools and solutions that are available under the one with Liquid Web? And if I go the other way, if I put them under the account that shows the Liquid Web administrators, if I move my server elsewhere, will that mean I have to move all my domains to another account?

Perhaps I’m overthinking this, but I just don’t want to run into issues later.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Check this post:

It may not directly apply in this case since the duplicate may be one that Liquid Web created for you.

Effectively: the name is purely cosmetic, if you are working with Liquid Web then you should use the account they made for you which has them on it. If you use the one with just yourself then nobody else can access it unless you invite them + it may not be part of their tenant. A bad idea all around if you want to use their services.

The one with just you can be considered your “personal” or “unmanaged” account.

If this is confusing, you can rename them:



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