Duobulb dot com - 4 days after update: the DNS doesn't show


I configured DNS for duobulb dot com and updated the NS for the domain 4 days ago. The WHOIS reflected the Cloudflare NS immediately. But when I check the DNS online: the configuration doesn’t show up. I am using squarespace, and their check as well doesn’t find ANY of the required configs. I heard you need a “www” entry, but it seems I have a cname “www” (as required by squarespace). So I think that is covered, no? I also think you can’t have a cname AND an A record for the same hostname “www” - that would be a bit of a collision, right?

I have no clue whatsoever about DNS - only minimal 101 knowledge.

THANKS for your help!

The CNAME for verify.squarespace.com should probably be set to “DNS only” and not “proxied”.


Hi, you NAILED it:

I had to remove all the “Proxied” - and immediately Squarespace found the right records!

Thank you so much!

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