Dummy CNAME not pointing at all. please help!

I need this CNAME for projects(dot)siege(dot)media (projects-2404c8c1ebcobd5e2a7(redacted)) to point to "projects(dot)cs(dot)zohohost.com".

This is 1 of 2 CNAME’s That need to be pointed for this subdomain.
The 2nd one (that is working) is projects(dot)siege(dot)media(going to)projects(dot)cs(dot)zohohost.com. This one shows up fine.

When I check propagation checkers like whatsmydns(dot)net or dnslookup, it only shows 1 of the 2 records with CNAME. To my knowledge, I took off the A record referring to projects.siege.media.

I made sure these records were DNS ONLY and not being proxied.

I don’t know why it’s not showing up.

I’m also experiencing a huge issue where my website (Squarespace) stopped working after I transferred the domain (siege(dot)media) to Cloudflare. To my knowledge, all of the records are still pointing correctly. The domain hasn’t finished transferring even though my original registrar released the domain and I paid for the renewal already (3 days ago at least).

My apologies for the formatting of URL’s. I tried to do the reformatting option and still wasn’t able to post.

Your DNSSEC needs fixing which may explain your CNAME checking issues…

As the domain is transferring it may be tricky, but you’d normally want to switch off DNSSEC at the registrar before the transfer so things keep working. Not sure if that’s still possible at your old registrar or you’ll need to wait for the transfer to complete now.

You’ll have to give the CNAME unreadacted if you want someone to check it.


Hey! Thank you for your reply. I just got notification that the domain is fully transferred now.

Before the transfer, I made sure to disable DNSSEC. Now that it is transferred, are there any other potential issues?

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Here is the original CNAME that I’m looking to point. It’s not showing up on any DNS checkers after multiple days. The domain is fully transferred and DNSSEC is turned on. Any other help?

CNAMEs are there…

dig +short projects.siege.media

dig +short projects-2404c8c1ebc0bd5e2a7794b5d0526f93.siege.media

SJR, you are a god hahaha. thank you. It seems that the Zoho Projects updated as well. How did you find this (with dig? I see that there but don’t know the tool used).

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