Due to sni i lost the site.

I am Korean
My site was blocked in Korea.
due to the sni censorship method
When accessing with my dns address, a site with blocked instructions appears.

It is possible to connect overseas, but not in Korea.
How can I solve this problem?

Do I need to reconnect to the original domain by changing the ip address or changing the domain address?

Can’t you avoid this censorship? For now?

ESNI isn’t an IP address issue. It’s a domain name issue when the browser first requests the site. Cloudflare supports ESNI for websites, but it’s up to the browser to support it.

So, is it possible by changing the address domain?
From this domain address
Is it possible by connecting a new domain address?..
Please tell me a solution…
Is it impossible?TT…

No, Cloudflare can not fix Korean censorship. Cloudflare already provides ESNI to get around this, but if your visitors do not use it, they will be blocked.

Website owners can’t do anything?

You can try changing the domain name. That might get it off of the censorship list until it’s updated.

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