Due to IP Blocking api dosen't work

We would like to request that kindly share the channel id for which getting issues so that we can check it from our end.

Note: For Authentication Failed, We would request you to allowlist our IPs at:- Cloudflare /Firewall panel

we are sharing our NAT IP addresses to be allowlisted.

What “IP Blocking api” are we talking about?

And is there any error codes, screenshots, or other stuff that demonstrates the actual problem, which you can share?

If this is a request about getting allowed on a website that you do not own and control, … then you would need to talk to each individual website owner, and ask them to allow you individually.

All of the mentioned IP addresses would be “hosting” IP addresses .

Connecting through various hosting providers (and not directly through the IP address provided by your ISP) is likely to cause you problems from time to time, similar to how many website owners are (often purposefully) attempting to block e.g. VPN addresses from accessing their websites.

Many websites will likely frown upon you for things like that, and such things are decisions made by the website owner, and therefore nothing Cloudflare can assist you with.

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