DTAG - CF Bad routing via TATA

Hey @Cloudflare
it seems since 2 weeks we have a kinda of bad routing to Cloudflare EVE Online Servers from DTAG “Deutsche Telekom AG” which seems to go via TATA.

on this specific route we have a hop which got a significant percentage of packet loss

if-ae-54-2.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net - 52% Packet Loss

could you please investigate this?

Ah again TATA, the usual suspect. I guess that is something for the support. We, the community, can not really inspect this.

there are two ways of solving it:

  1. Cloudflare prevents routing to this
  2. the TATA group fixes the issue, as it comes from them

If you want Cloudflare to take action, please open a support ticket and post the #id here, so we can follow it and escalate it internally.

@M4rt1n disi Exactly -100%- the same issue. It’s terrible. This makes me hate both CF, and Deutsche Telekom, but specifically some low budget Indian tech (c’mon, not even worth joking about) routing(?) company.

@Cloudflare please fix this

6. if-ae-54-2.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net      75.4%   130   27.3  28.8  25.4  76.3   9.2

TATA should be boycotted, they’re the Ali Express in their field of work. This is like the 3583459 time they screw things up. Would be laughing about their incompetence if it didn’t have such a negative impact.

Uhhh things are happening:

First things first, the current status of this issue.
We are working closely with our network partners, Advania and Cloudflare, along with DTAG to resolve this issue as quickly as we can. Right now we believe the issue lies with the route DTAG customers take from their clients to the server in something called a ‘Level 3 Network layer’, this is a good step towards a solution which I hope we’ll find soon.

Some of you may have received instructions from me where DTAG was asking for more information and now I’m being asked by Cloudflare to speak to more of you and request more data. I appreciate all the help you’ve already given me and the patience you have shown. If you don’t feel comfortable following the instructions below you don’t have to but the more people provide the data the faster we can figure out a solution.

Here we go!

Stuff todo

Once the file is produced please attach it to this ticket either by attaching it to your email reply or by using the ‘Attachments’ option when you are logged into the Help Center and have this ticket selected.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to assist with this issue.

Any news on this, i’m still having this issue. Anyone else still got it or is it solved for most uf you guys?

Its a lost case, literally the users in the DTAG Forum are recommending a VPN.
The worst part of this is, connection to CF from DTAG runs into russian roulette.

Either I get on IPv4 TATA or Level3, TATA is ■■■■■■ beyond repair.
On IPv6 I either get Telia, which is congested especially in the evening, or TATA.

Level3 seems to be the only peering that is okay, however I have zero influence on that, how CF is deciding that.

Would be nice to get a reply from Cloudflare regarding that.
Especially it seems to mostly affect Business and Enterprise, at least here, since traffic is routed via Telia.
Pro and Free are fine, since they routed somewhere less congested, which is kinda funny, if Cloudflare says they optimize there network and the people pay the most are affected by this.

Suddenly, DTAG is interested in checking it out, will see.
However, still no reply from Cloudflare, neither here, on Twitter or via email, sad.

afaik you do not have any influence on the route and neither does Cloudflare directly as i think. i think its a DTAG decision regarding the “costs” of the route.

A number of European ISPs are attempting to reignite a “sender pays” debate that they lost several years ago, DTAG is one of the cheerleaders in the debate, and they have a history of traffic engineering to force particular outcomes.

Some interesting background reading can be found here:

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@michael very interesting, but hopeless afaik … this is so sad in the modern world nowadays

Cloudflare / telekom get your ■■■■ finaly straight ffs :face_vomiting:

Wow german telekom “DTAG” contacted me and they lets say “do not have a clue”

The current response from DTAG Offically, 2 days ago.

"The problematic with Cloudflare and the Peering issues is known especially with Tata and Telia since a while. Cloudflare uses different ISP Networks for their CDN.

Currently there is no technical solution, negotiations in the background are still ongoing."

I already mailed the Director of Product of CF, no reply since 2 weeks.
I can’t open a support Ticket either, my Twitter message still no response too.

I will drop the CTO a message.

Same response here

die Probleme, die beim Routing über Tata entstehen sind seit langem bekannt. Cloudflare kennt das Problem. Wir haben als Telekom keinen Einfluss darauf welche Geschäftspartner Cloudflare hier für seine Dienstleistungen nutzt. Mit freundlichem Gruß

Finally my “Trust” level has been upgraded so I can reply here.
There where some changes in the routing, at least for me / what my smokeping says.

@disi check your latency, its in general a bit higher but far more stable especially in peak hours.
However I don’t know who made these changes, I don’t think it was DTAG.

Nope still bad for me tried it a few days in a row now and still going through TATA with lots of packet losses. Meanwhile i opened a ticket with DTAG with lets say a more competent person

I should have been precise, Telia was bad, it improved and now its a lot better.
However, Tata is still ■■■■■■ it seems, but no idea who did something.

A good example is 9gag.com

hmm still no clarification of the topic … its a little bit better so i don’t get disconnected every 2 minutes now … more like every 10-15 minutes but it still happens :frowning:

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