DS Record Issue and 2 IPs

I’m pretty new to Cloudflare, and I’ve run into a new issue. My site has been very slow. I reached out to my host who informed me my site is pointing to TWO IPs which can slow it down. (https://www.whatsmydns.net, and my website is suusuccess.org). I ran through the core setup with Cloudflare and it gave me an error:

Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm?
Error Found
The hostname has no DS records.

I have not enabled DNSSEC yet because I didn’t want to mess up anything with this issue, but maybe that will fix the issue? Also if I need to add a DNS record to add ONE IP, how do I know what to use? (There is a different number in my current DNS A records that’s different from the two from DNS checker.)

Again, I’m new and would appreciate any help! I’m excited to learn about Cloudflare! I hear great things!

Thank you!

Don’t worry about DS and DNSSEC, as it’s not mandatory. But it nice for DNS security. It just has nothing to do with site speed. Nor do the two IP addresses which point to the same exact server. They’re there for redundancy.

Your home page is actually really fast for me. A half-second for the page to load, and 1.5 seconds for everything to finish loading, probably due to the slider images.

Where are you seeing that the site is slow?

Thank you for your reply! And I did notice the site is a LOT FASTER today than it was on Friday when it was just putting along! I’m glad to know it’s not mandatory. So it is ok for the site to have two IPs? I was googling and it said something about a round-robin type thing if you have two IPs. How do I fix the cloudflare error to add a DS record? What, exactly, am I supposed to add? THANK YOU.

There are two ends to the DNSSEC connection, in this order:

  1. Your DNS (Cloudflare). This is where you Enable DNSSEC from the dashboard. It will tell you what data to add at the other end:
  2. Your domain registrar. They should have a DNSSEC section where you add this data.

Once that connection is complete, it will lock in your domain’s DNS to Cloudflare so nobody can hijack DNS lookups for your domain.


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