DS Configuration question

Hello! My website keeps getting slower and slower in the 3 months I’ve had Cloudflare.
GT Metrix now gives my analyzing errors. When I check my status in Cloudflare, it says I need to add in my own DS records and provides a list of things I need to add (with copy buttons).
I added a new record “DS” as TYPE.
The next question is: Name: use @ for root.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? Where do I find that?
The first thing on the DS menu is “DS Record” to copy and paste, but I don’t see a spot for that.

Can anyone help me out? Sorry to be so dense.

DS has nothing to do with website speed. It’s part of DNS security that most people don’t use.

A DS record is what your registrar needs to secure their end of DNS and you’d only need to do that if you’ve enabled DNSSEC at the bottom of your DNS page here. Again, it does not impact site performance. Your site would be unreachable if DNSSEC was misconfigured.

Thank you, sdayman.

I tried to got back to the page looking for the “health” of my site to see why GT Metrix couldn’t analyze the page, but can’t even get back to the page that found errors in two sections… one of which was with either the DS or DNSSEC page. Not sure where that original diagnostic page came up (logged in, clicked my web page and it came right up), but I can’t replicate even finding that.

Any idea why a site that was easily analyzed 2 months ago is no longer accessible without any changes to the page?

Found the page that lead me down that rabbit hole!
Does this help explain anything?

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