Drv.tw with cloudflare CDN gives DNS problem and images are not loading

Set the CNAME for www to “DNS only” for now.

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Yes I did it now and purged all cache.

It seems that DNS lookups for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.on.drv.tw quite often fail (seems to be a “CNAME cycle” according to dig) or are sometime slow. I’ve tried across my ISP, and So that’s probably the issue.

You could cheat for now, and delete the www CNAME and replace with a proxied A record for www pointing to which is where the chain of CNAMEs ends up at. Since they are looking at your TXT record to confirm your site, that should work. If they change their IP, it will stop working, but see if it works for now.


Thanks, I have done it now. Interesting to see if it works!

Seems to still be working. As I say, may not be a permanent solution, you can try the CNAME again later. But the 1016 was due to the poor reliability of the DNS for on.drv.tw or the CNAMEs that it in turn pointed to.

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I agree, seems like the DRV DNS is not too reliable unfortunately.

I will stick with the IP as long as it works, thank you very much!

I understand I had to disable the Cloudflare proxy in order for you to track and find the correct IP as Cloudflare would naturally prohibit this when the site is proxied. From there, with what Windows CMD commands can I find the IP I really want to be able to solve it myself next time if they all of sudden changes their IP address…

nslookup xxxxxxxxxxx.on.drv.tw or use one of the online DNS lookup tools.


sjr, thank you for your help and assistance. The site has been working properly ever since.

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