Drupal page header response cf-cache-status = DYNAMIC instead of HIT

I’ve done Drupal + Cloudflare integration but the header of the Drupal page says cf-cache-status = DYNAMIC. So far I’ve enabled Respect cache headers options in cloud flare also we are using Varnish and it shows X-Cache: HIT and for CSS, JS looks like it is getting right headers cf-cache-status = HIT not sure what is causing the dynamic status for the whole page.

We have used the rule as Cache everything for website.

You’d need to set an Edge Cache TTL if you want to cache DYNAMIC content at Cloudflare, but that’s usually asking for trouble on a CMS site.

Thank you sdayman for quick response.

I’ve already set ‘Cache Level: Standard, Edge Cache TTL: a month’ for one month. But still facing issue for front end.

You had “Cache Everything” before, and that would have let Edge Cache TTL keep everything in the cache. But with Standard cache, it won’t cache DYNAMIC content. Again, be careful with a Cache Everything setup, as it really will cache everything the first visitor sees, including the admin view of pages, though it won’t give them actual admin access.

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