Dropping DNS packets as network is invalid

Every 2 to 3 days, Warp on Android stops working. Console log is filled with “Dropping DNS packets as network is invalid.”

Network is fine, it works when Warp is disabled. Switching to mobile/wifi doesn’t resolve the problem. Turning Warp off and on again sometimes works, but sometimes I have to force stop Warp.

Tried it with 2 phones, Poco X3 & Samsung A54. Same behaviour.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it a bug or is it something else on my end?

Added notes:
Battery optimisations are off.
Adaptive battery off.
Warp set as always on VPN.
Warp excluded from RAM usage monitoring.


Turns out there’s a problem with my current router expiring DHCP causing WARP to return invalid network errors. Had the router on default setting with DHCP expiring after 3 days, which is about the same time before I got invalid network errors on WARP.

Changed to a static address for the phone and no more problems.

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