Drop in Google analytics after enabling Edge caching

Hi there everyone!

We’ve started using cloudflare’s free plan for one of our Wordpress sites (instant performance boost, wow!) but started seeing an instant drop in visitors on Google analytics’ panel, but on cloudflare’s statistics we can definetely see what we were getting before more or less.

Is there some sort of incompatibility between cloudflare and GA? We store the Analytics.js locally in our server - Would this have something to do with what we’re seeing?

Any info that could help us point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Many, many thanks.

Hi @it.microfue, this question comes up from time to time and this conversation has the best detail and links that explain what you’re seeing & why, Cloudflare analytics data is right or vulnerable. Basically, we’re counting different things, but the link has the detail.

Hi @cloonan, thanks so much for your quick and helpful reply :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the links and they seem to go on about the difference in numbers between Google Analytics and Analytics from Cloudflare but we are not bothered by that.

What I meant to ask about is the drop we saw on Google Analytics (roughly 50% of traffic is gone) right after we activated Cloudflare’s caching, more like…

Is loading of analytics’ javascript affected by the site being served from cloudflare and the actual .js file being stored in our server locally?

Thanks so much everyone and sorry for not being very clear!

With Cloudflare, threats, bots and automated crawlers won’t be counted as they won’t trigger the javascript.

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So basically what we are seeing on analytics are our real visitors without those false views (bots, crawlers, threats) that are being filtered out by cloudflare?

I actually have the same issue almost 70℅ of my traffic disappear immediately I activate cloudflare… I don’t understand

Hi @zoeasuq we did see an instant drop but it seems to have stabilized after 2 days and we are roughly on the same numbers as before so I would blame it on the downtime or the internet gods.

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