Driving your clients customers to the competition

You blocked my access to Worten.pt, a site I used yesterday and a store I have an account with. Your advice on the error message is to email them to query the problem… but you have blocked my access??? am I missing something?. Can you please let Worten know that I bought the Canon EOS camera kit from their competitors as a result of Cloudflare. You have a lot of work to do

The settings that control access to a site are configured by the site owner, not Cloudflare.

Use Google or social media to find a contact point.

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Interesting business model… do you inform your clients of blocks and impacts and even this type of negative feedback.

Cloudflare is certainly getting increasing amounts of negative feedback

I’m just a Cloudflare user.

Cloudflare doesn’t block you. You are on this site after all which is behind Cloudflare. Or try my site here… https://iscloudflareblockingme.com.

As a Cloudflare user, I set the rules for access to my sites. You would have to ask the site you tried to visit why you were blocked. You would need to pass them the Ray ID from the block page so they can look it up in the event log that Cloudflare provides.

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