DreamPress and Varnish Miss


As you can see below, there are multiple topics about CloudFlare and DreamPress Varnish…
The case is varnish is always missing when a new IP/user visits a CACHED page. The second attempt - reload of the page on gives HIT.

All topics closed due to inactivity but still no answer, could you please help Because DreamPress support says this is something about CloudFlare, and CF says this is about DreamPress…

What is the problem?

Update: DreamHost support says:

“Adding these lines to the topic showing the cookie and the CloudFlare cache bypass should be enough”
set-cookie: __cfduid=d171f8b571d97d2158d466e99add88d1b1614630576; expires=Wed, 31-Mar-21 20:29:36 GMT; path=/; domain=.doyouknowturkey.com; HttpOnly; SameSite=Lax; Secure
cf-chl-bypass: 1

Explain that, when bypassing CloudFlare, the cache responds appropriately, but if you curl the site normally, that cookie comes up, and it sets that cf chl bypass

If I read that right, this is typical cache behavior to bypass cache if the browser sends a cookie. The corrective action for Varnish is to ignore the cfduid cookie so it can serve from cache.

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