Dreamhost Integration and Cloudflare Registrar

Hi @DavidHunterScot, I have a similar issue and I do not want to change my nameservers, but Cloudflare is telling me I have to.

I moved a site from GoDaddy to Dreamhost and used the Dreamhost / Cloudflare integration. It required me to delete the site config from Cloudflare and it created a whole new one – with new nameservers.

Can Support fix that? I can’t transfer the domain, I just moved it here a few days ago and can’t move the domain yet, not for 2 months I think.

I tried disabling the integration and recreating the original Cloudlflare site config we had been using, but Cloudflare once again assigned 2 completely different namservers. So I’m stuck once again.


This is so far by each registrar if you moved it recently you cannot move it out again in a short time-frame (as there could be 60-day lock time) in terms of a protection against unauthorized transfers.

Did you used below article(s) for help or?:

Yes, I read through those articles as I tried to figure it all out on my own, thank you. I followed the steps to add enable Cloudflare from inside DreamHost, and got an error indicating I had to first delete my site config from Cloudflare. That let me enable the integration, but resulted in the current situation, which is this: Cloudflare is telling me to change my nameservers with my domain registrar, but Cloudflare IS my domain registrar and does not allow anyone to change the name severs. Which is fine, but it sounds like the name servers should auto-update if that’s the case.

I was just pointing out that transferring the domain is not an option for me, as it was the recommended solution for the OP. That would be a simple solution, but being down 2 months makes it a non-solution.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare Registrar will only let you use the name servers assigned to the same account as the domain registration.

Is there a reason you’re using the DreamHost integration for Cloudflare instead of on your Cloudflare account? I find there are very few reasons, other than convenience, to use a third party integration. And the convenience is often short-lived when there’s an integration issue.

Bottom line is that if you choose to not use your own Cloudflare account for your domain, you’ll have to transfer your registration to a different registrar when your 60 days are up. The good news is you won’t lose the one year you already paid for.

The site was hosted with GoDaddy but we’ve had a few interruptions during the summer with their upgrades, and the fees have gone up as well, so we wanted to move to a different service. So we moved the hosting to Dreamhost, where I could’ve gotten the domain registered just as easily, but I found with GoDaddy that having the host & domain registration held by the same place had no advantage. I was very happy with how Cloudflare worked and thought that if they held the domain registration here, that would be better than having Dreamhost handle it.

So I did that and pointed Cloudflare to the new Dreamhost-hosted site by updating the A record to the new IP (that should be all I need to do, right?). But it wasn’t working, after 4+ hours the site would not load and gave me Cloudflare 1016 errors. Put the old (GoDaddy) IP back in, boom it loaded.

I then temporarily disabled Cloudflare to make sure the site loaded on Dreamhost without Cloudflare in the mix – but it turns out you really can’t, because Cloudlfare has set the nameservers to their own, and Dreamhost gave me error messages to that effect.

So I figured I would start over with a new Cloudflare profile. Nowhere did I see any warnings or any indication that the domain registered nameservers were forever and always tied to the original account. It’s counterintuitive to how the rest of the internet operates, and does not make any sense. Needless to say, the new Cloudflare config did not work. So I deleted that and tried going with the Dreamhost / Cloudflare integration, figuring maybe that would work out better. But, no, Cloudlfare’s policy that the nameservers MUST NEVER CHANGE is still full in effect, so no advantage there either. So I figured I missed something, and disabled the integration and started over (now the 4th time in 3 days) with Cloudflare. Again, I get error 1016 that my nameservers are deb and tate, but Cloudflare needs them set to something new, and gives me directions to go change them with my domain registrar…which they don’t realize, is them.

I think Cloudflare’s approach and how they are handling nameservers is not very well thought out. Half-baked you might say. I can understand not allowing people to change the nameserver on their own by direct edit, but if I want to move my site to another provider, what is that to Cloudlfare? If their policy is to automatically change the nameservers, but nameservers cannot be changed, them I’m stuck forever with the same host – unless I transfer the domain away and back again (and who in his right mind would transfer it back again?).

This restriction is effectively preventing people from moving from one host to another. I’m an IT guy and I’m used to seeing stupid restrictions that “encourage” users to lock in or prevent them from moving on, but this arrangement has pushed me away from using Cloudflare and I would move the domain registration away today if I could, and never look back.

I will now probably have to create a new domain with Dreamhost and temporarily host the site with that domain until I can move this one out. All because Cloudflare can’t process a change that it (and only it) has required, for reasons only Cloudflare knows. The process probably works great if you don’t change hosting services, but that’s kind of pointless…I would never have moved the domain registration to Cloudflare if I knew it would limit those kind of options. They either need to fix this scenario or make it clear to people when they sign up that they have now married their current host for life.

Also, you get no support from Cloudflare using the free account, even if you purchase the domain registration through them. That makes no sense either. Half-baked. Again. I would rather have them charge a little extra and include some technical support with it. After all…what’s the purpose of a domain that doesn’t work right? And if you’re blocking people from making changes, there’s a big potential for misconfiguration that someone cannot possibly fix on their own. That necessitates the need for Support.

Per the ICANN, Cloudflare should be able to allow me to transfer the domain before the 60 days are up: EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN

How can I officially request that? My client is also no longer getting email because of the DNS configuration problem and she happens to be my mother. May I remind everyone here that Christmas is coming? I’ll be left out of the Christmas cookie delivery this year for sure! Please help.

Hi @bu11frogg,

ICANN guidelines state this:

you may not transfer your domain name to a new registrar within the first 60 days after initial registration, or the first 60 days after a transfer.

Inter-Registrar Transfer Information - ICANN

The status you referred to if for locks to prevent transfers that can usually be removed from the dashboard (they can here after the 60 days).

You should be able to add the required MX records to your DNS at Cloudflare to make sure the email works.


As we can’t help you get the domain transferred, can we help with getting the site working? You should be able to add the DNS records here to point to the host and get everything working that way.


Hi @domjh , thank you for the explanation. Yes, if we can get the site & email working that would be ideal.

As it stands, the integration between Dreamhost and Cloudflare is enabled, so I’m locked out of the DNS settings on the Cloudlfare side. The Dreamhost side has the MX records etc. for the email but obviously not working because of the nameservers.

So you’re suggesting (just to confirm before I do it and put my ignorance on display…again):

  1. break the integration
  2. create a new profile in Cloudflare
  3. import the DNS config that I exported back when it used to work
  4. change the A record for the website from the old IP (GoDaddy) to the new IP (Dreamhost)

Have I missed anything?

Again, thank you for assisting. These things usually go pretty smoothly but quickly got confusing this time around for me!

Just to make things easier for us, what’s the domain?

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@sdayman, the domain is newearthdesigns.com

Ok, it’s Cloudflare Registrar. So the account you’re in for that domain registration should already have that domain set up with DNS records you can edit. DreamHost DNS should have no influence over those records. (I’m crossing my fingers that you can edit your DNS records here).

That would be great, but when I go to DNS I see this:

Is there a different way to get to DNS settings that I’m not seeing?

I didn’t think it was possible to use Cloudflare Registrar and have your DNS records elsewhere.

Does the bottom of that page show your Cloudflare name servers as Deb and Tate?

No, I found that info elsewhere, I’ll see if I can find that again and post a screenshot.

The bottom of the DNS page has an option to set a Partial Zone Suffix and that’s it. If I break the integration, the profile gets deleted and I can create a new profile with the same domain name – then I would get the usual DNS settings to edit.

Dreamhost says my current nameservers are crystal and todd.

That’s not what your domain registration is set to. Are you sure you’re in the right account?

Try this to see if it shows your domain as registered in that account:

Well, I only have 1 Cloudflare account and only 1 domain in it. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the correct domain.

Harumph. The two name servers shown at Dreamhost are not the ones showing in your registration.

Considering that your site is broken, and had no MX records for email, you may as well go ahead and turn off the Cloudflare integration at Dreamhost. Hopefully that will free up your DNS screen here.

Got it, will do. I will report back. Again, THANK YOU for your time on this!!

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@sdayman I disabled Dreamhost / Cloudflare integration, which removed the profile for newearthdesigns.com from Cloudflare. I created the new profile, then imported my previously working DNS records and updated the A record to point to the Dreamhost IP. I think I did that right. Here is the IP shown from the Dreamhost side:

When I go to Cloudflare DNS, I also see this concerning nameservers:

This has taken a turn I wasn’t expecting. So now your WHOIS at Cloudflare Registrar does not agree with the account that owns the domain.

You’ll have to open a ticket and ask them to fix this. Make sure clearly let them know you’re on Cloudflare Registrar and it has the wrong name servers. You can email them at: support AT cloudflare DOT com

As soon as you get an autoreply, please post the ticket # here so we can escalate it. It’ll auto-close, but someone from the registrar team should be in tomorrow morning to re-open the ticket and fix the name server.

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