Dreamhost Domain Cloudflare Account Not Deleting

I set up a cloudflare account via Dreamhost but have now moved the domain to siteground.

Both have options to create a cloudflare account via their own environment interfaces.

When I attempted to set up cloudflare having moved domain to siteground I got an error saying the domain was already active.

On logging on to cloudflare the domain is still set to Dreamhost DNS records.

On attempting to change the DNS records in my cloudflare account it states that Dreamhost is a ‘partner’ and the DNS setting must be changed there.

I de-activated the cloudflare for the domain at Dreamhost and it states it can take 2 hours for changes to propagate.

After 8 hours the cloudflare account is still active so I am unable to set up cloudflare at siteground.

What is the best way to force the cloudflare domain associated with Dreamhost to update?

I have a subdomain that has cloudflare enabled - perhaps this is an issue?

You need to disconnect the domain from dreamhost, have you changed the nameservers from the ones you were using while at dreamhost? Seems that would remove dreamhost from the picture right away, well as soon as the change propagates. (Your new host should be able give you new nameservers that you can change at your registrar). After that, you can remove the domain from your Cloudflare account so that you’re starting over fresh. After all of this, you may need to contact cloudflare support and ask them to purge the domain.

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