Downtimes during certain periods of time on proxied domain for web

Hello everyone,

I have setup a web redirection from one domain and subdomain that was working, redirecting from domain A (.ph) do domain B (.com), permanently.

It works but I notice that from times to times, seems like there is a probability to have congestion and downtime, and is almost on the same period of time, from 18:00 to 2h00. On domain B, there is no issues with that website.

For example last night I had that redirection not working during 5 hours (!), giving a classic ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

There is no DDOS occurring.

Domain B is also being proxied by cloudflare.


My question is, why is this happening while using proxied option, in terms of the given error (not showing cloudflare typical error), and in terms of not redirecting only in that period of time.

If you need more info/data feel free to ask.

Without knowing the domain names, I would suspect either the origin host/server issue like Cloudflare not allowed, or something is limiting Cloudflare IPs, or the SSL settings are not correctly configured, or maintenance at the origin host/server of the .com domain.

Otherwise, page could possibly have some information if there was some incident like network issue or maintanance, if so.

Nevertheless, are you using Cloudflare Workers or?

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Thank you for the help.

I have a SSL/TLS encryption mode in full for .ph.

On domain B web host I also have cloudflare in front with proxy.

On .com domain there is no downtimes, I have the same watchdog system on both, and have even tried my self both domains on web. The domain B was working as expected.

I will take a look at next time, but the strange thing is that it happeans almost on the same time set, and can look like a simple web congestion and on other times a complete black out.

I am not using Cloudflare Workers at all.

This is just one example of one permanent redirection on last two days (on last two days I have got lots and lots of timeouts on all redirections):

This is affecting all domain redirections for one webhost with a domain with a A record, and even another domain with another A record for the same domain is being affected. Both A records have proxy enable.

Also I have other webchecks for other webhosts, but non with redirections, being done in the same way, and dont have any issues, but I only have this issue with that webhost usually during this period of time… I really dont know what can be. Anyone?