Downtime notifications and site failover

How can we set up automated site failure notifications and failover to another site?

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Paid plans have health checks with notifications and UptimeRobot is free.

For a failover to a different site, you can try this:


For notifications, you can setup Health Checks as @sdayman mentioned from the Traffic section of your Cloudflare Dashboard that will notify you when an origin is un-reachable.

Additionally, if your Cloudflare DNS provides another A or AAAA record or your Cloudflare Load Balancer lists another origin in the same pool, Zero-Downtime Failover automatically retries requests to your origin even before a Load Balancing decision is made. Cloudflare currently retries only once for HTTP 521, 522, and 523 response codes. Zero-Downtime Failover is available on our Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Take a look at this article for further reference: Preventing site downtime – Cloudflare Help Center

Though if they want it to fail over to a different site, I imagine that gets a bit more complicated. Unless they mean a different server that will respond to the same host name.


This is correct since our website is hosted on a single platform that cannot be replicated on another server. If the site is down we’d like it to redirect to another site that provides a more friendly “downtime” message.

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