Downtime few times last month error 520 and never had this before

There was a downtime on May 12, 2023, 05:17 GMT +00:00 for half hour. This has happened also on May 5, 2023, 12:53 GMT +00:00. What could be the problem?
According to uptime robot the reason was Cloudflare Timeout.520

Best suggested to check the CF status page for any downtime.

If not, I would check the following #CommunityTip :

Hi @neiljay thanks for tips! You mean the CF status at the overview page of the account? Because there I can see only info about Unique Visitors, Total Requests, et cetera.
I cannot find where I can see something about website up/down status.
Can you tell me where?

And I will check the 520 article :+1:

No. Since you mentioned the following:

If so, you can always check the status page to determine such incidents from CF.

Thanks @neiljay . I see only at Cloudflare status pages:
DNS over TLS does not resolve on This incident has been resolved. May 5, 14:38 - 16:48 UTC

Except that’s a different time. So it seems there was not an issue with Cloudflare although uptimerobot gave that message.

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