Downtime during DNS propagation, even after following all the recomendations

Hello! I’ve create a new website a pretty long time ago on cloudflare, and was planning to move here from google DNS without any long downtime, but for some reason, even after research and following all the recommendations, I have a pretty long downtime… and I can’t even test how it passed for all ready propagated servers.
What I did:

  1. copied all the records from google DNS to Cloudflare
  2. made sure that all records I have in Cloudflare are in DNS only mode Followed recommendation from here:
    2.1) Moving over name servers with as little downtime as possible
    2.2) Transferring Domain: Worries with DNS and Downtime
    etc. (all of those more or less are the same, which is good of course)
  3. Since I have the main application of Google AppEngine and I have SSL certificates, I’ve researched if this can be a problem
    3.1) It may be, but as much as I got till the moment of the full DNS propagation, I will not know exactly, since it depends on various configurations, however, it should not be a problem if I am using FULL(Strict) mode and it won’t pass through the GAE SSL certificates
    3.2) Anyway I don’t have any 5** SSL errors at the moment. It can’t find any IP address of the website.
  4. Anyway my website is down for more than 6 hours already, but it was supposed to move seamlessly, so I don’t understand what did I do wrong? and is there a way to increase speed of propagation(almost sure that not), to TEST properly if I set everything correctly, especially regarding CNAME records with values

ANY help is MUCH appreciated.

I am curious if there is a way to test it now and see how it will work after propagation(are all SSL certificates will be fine or all A records accessible)
I’ve applied custom DNS servers locally to and and it is not accessible from there, however I thought that was supposed to have all the changes at the first place…


Your DNSSEC setup is broken

You need to set up the right entries on your registrar side.


Thanks. Just to clarify. If my registrar is GoDaddy and it already have one DN record, may I add another one or should I remove the old one?

Typically you don’t need to manually set up records, but simply compile the respective DNSSEC form and provide the necessary values there. Their support should be able to help you with the details. What’s important is that it matches the values provided by Cloudflare.

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I’ve configured DNSSEC, it works now, however it happened together with main DNS propagation(Google servers) at the same time, I think that helped.
Thanks a lot for your responses.

It is probably another question after you helped a lot, but are there any suggestions about why was DNS propagation much slower than it was expected?
I mean I’m not sure if DNSSEC was so much important to be configured in the beginning, but I still don’t understand even after applying most of the stuff it took about 8 hours to be more or less propagated.


It was not a propagation issue, it was solely DNSSEC related.

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