Downtime due to DNS propogation

Hello CF Community,

I’m planning to update my NS to use Cloudflare. I have a concern regarding downtime for both website & email when updating NS due to propogation. I currently use GSuite for email with this website, and I understand Cloudflare will import all MX records here, but keeping this live is vital.

Can it really (worst case) take up to 48 hours in 2020 to update progogation? What is the likelihood of website & email downtime if all my records are correct. The registrar i’m using is Google.

When setting up a domain on Cloudflare, you will review the DNS records before you make the NS change. Make sure every single DNS entry matches, and you will have a seamless transition. Just to be sure, make sure all those DNS records are set to :grey:. Then your DNS will be identical.

After the NS update, wait 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate before changing any DNS records to :orange:. You could do it earlier, but you will see inconsistent behavior across locations. Not bad behavior, but things like minification, caching, possible security features kicking in, etc.

Remember that :orange: is for HTTP/S traffic only. You can’t FTP or SSH to a :orange: hostname.

** :orange: means Proxied by Cloudflare, which is probably why you’re adding your domain to Cloudflare. :grey: means a direct-to-server connection, which is what you currently have.

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