Downtime attributed to CloudFlare

I’m using uptimerobot and pingdom to monitor uptime of my host. Just recently, I’ve had quite a few reports from uptimerobot about apparent downtime… not for long (usually a few minutes). The message is:

The monitor ‘mymonitor’ ( is currently DOWN (HTTP 522 - Cloudflare Timeout)

Why is Cloudflare being singled out here? I’ve had Cloudflare sitting in the middle for a long time now, working flawlessly, without any such messages and without changing my setup, so why am I getting these downtime reports now, with Cloudflare apparently to blame?

I also use pingdom, and often pingdom won’t report any downtime even though uptimerobot is, but sometimes it will.

Any ideas? Has Cloudflare started to blocklist or greylist pings from tools like uptimerobot?

I use Uptime Robot on a dozen or so domains and can’t recall a 522 outage.

I think maybe I misinterpreted “Cloudflare Timeout”, and assumed that it was uptimerobot reporting that Cloudflare itself had timed out, but from here it seems that maybe it is actually the origin server, after all, that is experiencing problems (or maybe rejecting ping-type requests from certain uptime robots)?

I’ve not had to track down 522 issues, so I’m not sure if anything would be in your server logs. But it should be easy enough to skim the logs to see if anything was happening at that time.

As an aside, maybe one reason I haven’t seen 522 is because I have Always Online enabled.

Not having used uptime Robot I would assume it’s reporting the error Cloudflare is returning for that particular request from that particular POP. can be used to see if there are corresponding known network issues, though that wouldn’t account for every possible network issue.

It could also be a hosting provider level network routing issue or one of the other issues documented here:

Uptime Robot is supposed to double- (or more) check downtime by having other locations check your website status. I’m not convinced, as I have one particular non-Cloudflare server in the same datacenter as my other stuff that’s pretty reliable but gets flagged by Uptime Robot every couple of weeks or so for brief outages.