Downtime and 503 errors with High CPU/Memory Usage


I just realized that suddenly our site getting 503 errors and getting high cpu /memory usage time to time.
I also realized https on cloudflare causes some javascript errors like wordpress visual editor not loading. Some users also reported that the site gives “not secure” error. I believe this is because of cloudflare. And I didn’t change anything on it.
Please help.


You may want to enable a page rule for your WP-Admin section as described in rule 4. in the following link for the visual editor issue:
4. Protecting the wp-login and wp-admin pages
You might also want to disable RocketLoader if you are also using WordFence there have been some recent reports of issues with WordFence.

'Not secure" could be to a variety of reasons, but is usually the result of mixed content on the site. An exampel of a page exhibiting the issue would be helpful.


Thanks for the reply.
It looks like the downtime problem has been fixed. But i am not sure which way we did to manage.
I realize a lot of browser bot /unknown bot traffic from cpanel awstats.
I also realize some mixed content issue on wp-admin area.

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