Downloads running slower with Cloudflare

I have been using my site with Cloudflare for quite a while and Cloudflare has been working great until today. I ran a speed test to test my internet connection by downloading a file from my site with wget. When I ran the test I got 1.21 Mbps. At first I thought it was my ISP so I went to and and got around 150-200 Mbps on both of the tests. I logged into a machine on a separate network and received a similar speed, again around 1.21 Mbps. I checked that Cloudflare was caching the file and it was. Here is the URL:

A handy tool we’ve used to test our origin. GitHub - librespeed/speedtest: Self-hosted Speedtest for HTML5 and more. Easy setup, examples, configurable, mobile friendly. Supports PHP, Node, Multiple servers, and more

@Withheld That’s a nice tool but it doesn’t help me fix my problem.

I get about the same throughput, considering that it does seem to be served from cache I’d also rule out an origin problem. I’d probably open a support ticket in this case.

Just for clarification, this passes right through Cloudflare without any worker code or similar on your account side, right?

@sandro That’s correct. Is it just a simple static site.

Support ticket in this case :slight_smile:

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